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Sports & Wellness

In places like sport and wellness, indoor humidity can be increased very easily, because cleaning process, Sauna room, locker room, bathroom involve lots of water and moisture. 

The factors that cause high humidity in sport and wellness include:

1.Water used for cleaning

2.Steam From Sauna Room 

3.Water from Bathroom

4.Moisture From Spa

5.Rainy Day

6.Lack of Air Circulation

Normally, high humidity followed by growth of mold, bacteria, which can cause health problem, structure damage , electronic devices damage and even health problems.

Suntec Dehumidifiers offer drying solution for places like gyms, sauna rooms, and small spa, help you to adjust humidity at a optimal level, protect your property and make you feel comfortable.

Suntec Dehumidifiers can be installed directly and immediately in sport and wellness, saves your time and energy.

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