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Building Work Site

Time and efficiency are important to building work site,  but humidity in worksite can be a important factor that effect them. High humidity in building work site not only lower working efficiency, operations like painting plaster wall and coating demands controlled humidity in the environment.

The factors that cause high humidity in building work sites include:


2.Water used for mixing materials

3.Water used for cleaning

4.Rain from external

5.Fog from external

Indeed, the factors above such as rain or water used for maxing materials are unavoidable, operation like painting walls and coating require humidity-controlled environment, but those unavoidable factors can increase your construction time and waste your energy and money, what’s worse, they can even cause potential quality problem for the structure that may happen in the future, Humidity above 60% can lead to the formation of mold, which is a bad sign for building construction.

Suntec Dehumidifiers for building work sites can help you control the humidity in the environment, increase your working efficiency, save your time and energy.

Suntec Dehumidifiers can be installed directly and immediately in a building work site, saves your time and energy.

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