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Places like warehouses usually as distribution center for products and store abundant of products, and they are also place that lack of air circulation and accumulate moisture, then comes with mold and bacteria.  Mold and bacteria cannot grow without High humidity level and moisture, they can cause serious health problem and cause damage to your property and structure. 

The factors that cause high humidity in water & fire damage include:

1.Insufficient air changes



4.Rainy day

All the factors above can cause high humidity level and moisture, then comes with mold and bacteria, deterioration of products in the warehouse, or even structure damages. Dehumidifiers are important in controlling humidity value for a environment that lack of air circulation like ware houses, where store any kinds of valuable cargos and products, dehumidifiers can control the air humidity at a optimal level for warehouses.

Comes equipped with great performance, Suntec Dehumidifiers are your best tools to control indoor humidity for places like warehouses and prevent bacteria, mold and property loss from happening.

Suntec Dehumidifiers can be installed directly and immediately in a warehouses, saves your time and energy.

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