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Museums, Art Gallery and Archives

Places like museums , art gallery or archives are places that store many valuable artworks, files, books or even electronic devices, and they are also the places that  lack of air circulation, humidity can be brought in and increased easily. Invisible high humidity can cause bacteria or mold, damage to valuable artworks, files, books and electronic devices, which can be massive loss. 

The factors that cause high humidity in places lime museums, art gallery, archives include:

1.Lack of air circulation

2.Daily visitors


4.Rainy day

Places like museums, art gallery and archives need a professional partner to help them keep the property from damage.

Suntec Dehumidifiers are crucial in controlling humidity value in a environment, they remove airborne moisture and prevent moisture accumulating, helping to dry the environment.  Suntec Dehumidifiers for such areas can offer powerful performance and help you control indoor humidity to protect the property in a room .

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