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Humidity can be annoying during the production process, for places like clothing industry or Agri-food industry, time and efficiency mean everything, but humidity in these places can be a significant factor that can’t be ignore.  Excessive air humidity not only cause mold and bacteria, it can cause damage to the production line in an industry, increase production time and result in low efficiency.

The factors that cause high humidity in industry include:

1.Insufficient air changes


3.Water used for production process

4.Water used for cleaning

5.Rainy day

Industries like Agri-food or clothing require a precisely controlled humidity value to prevent products face damage like mold or deterioration. The process of transformation in the Agri-food production line is important, it needs a controlled humidity value environment to prevent products from deterioration.

Suntec Industries offers specific drying solution for industries like Agri-food or fruit-drying, keeping your production line at an efficient level. 

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