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Water & Fire Damage Drying

There are numbers of reasons why the humidity is too high, maybe you live near a river, maybe the fog is too much, and disasters can be one of them Disasters like flood or fire can be lethal and harmful to structure, it can cause damage to your furniture,  property, and mold growth.

The factors that cause high humidity in water & fire damage include:


2.Massive water that used for quenching the fire

3.Water leaks 

4.Overflowing water

After a building or a house has been attacked either by fire or water, the priority is get it back to its former state as soon as possible, because high humidity doesn’t just make you uncomfortable but also cause major damage to your structure. If you don’t dry your structure out completely, mold, bacteria, plaster swelling, and even health problems can happen in the future. 

Professional restoration companies not only require well-trained staffs to do their job, but also require the best water & fire damage restoration equipments to help them with their job.

Suntec Industries can be your most powerful and efficient partner on the market today for water and fire damage drying, the high performance that Suntec restoration equipments offer can help you dry out a flooded house as well to dry the affected areas after fire departments have used large amounts of water to quench the fire .

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