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Inside SunTec

Why SunTec?

Quality is our life!

  • We manufacture using high-quality materials with the precision and commitment to excellence. Every single equipment has been made and tested according to international safety standards, either UL or CE standards based on our customers requirement. 
  • In order to achieve the performance consistency, we test every product in our climate chamber under realistic conditions that simulate the field environment before delivering to our distributors and our customers.
  • Qualified employees, technically sophisticated workplaces and streamlined organisation allow us to provide a constant high level of quality. 


We always present our products with reasonable and competitive price and supply complete export service for all our customers around the world.

Working at SUNTEC

Our team is comprised of people from across dehumidifier sector, the building and water damage restoration industry, the water management sector, as well as in industrial and commercial sectors with varied backgrounds. They are full of passion and innovation. 

We promote our employees and provide them with the opportunity to develop their performance potential and to increase their skills and abilities.