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Production & Development

Production Line

We identify with the duties, responsibilities and concerns of our customers. Only then are we able to fully understand the individual problems which face them and only then can we provide the best possible complete solution. At Suntec, everything originates from within the company. From the first sketch to the final product. The benefit of such in-house production: each and every production step is monitored personally by us, so that we are able to deliver on the promise that all the products which leave our premises all fulfil our stringent quality standards.

R&D at SunTec

Our dehumidifiers and accessories are developed and built in line with market requirements. Not only have they proved their worth in the market over many years, they have also set new standards in the field.

The entire development process – from the very first idea to the initial draft, from the construction of the model to the go-ahead for production after the successful completion of the test phase – takes place in-house. It goes without saying really that as part of this process we use state-of-the-art software tools which enable us to present convincing product details using 3D models, 2D drawings, animations and photorealistic renderings before the units go into production.