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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools might be one of the most humid places. As water continually evaporates from swimming pool, these environment can reach a high humidity level very quickly, if the moisture cannot be dry out quickly, the structure might face humid damage, such as plaster swelling and electronic leakage.

The factors that cause high humidity in swimming pools include:

1.Water evaporation

2. Lack of air circulation


Swimming pool is a place that offers joy, water is known as a source of steam and humidity, swimming pool can be a huge source for constant water evaporation. High humidity level by water evaporation can cause mold, bacteria, damage to electronic devices, electric leakage and damage to structures. However, a professional partner like Suntec Industries help you keep any potential property damage or health problem from happening. 

Suntec Dehumidifiers offer drying solution for places like swimming pool. Features powerful performance, low noise and multiple installation, the SP Series Dehumidifiers are ideal for swimming pool, they can help you to adjust the moisture level and keep it at a optimal range. 

Suntec SP Series Dehumidifiers can be installed directly and immediately near a swimming pool, saves your time and energy.

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