Condensation Drying


What does the condensation drying work?

Moist room air is sucked in by a fan and flows over a cooling register (evaporator), on which the air is quickly cooled down, thus condensing excess water (the air drops below the dew point).

The condensed water drips onto a collecting tray and into a collecting container, or is fed away using a pipe. When full, the container is removed and emptied. The cooled, dehumidified air is then fed back over the condenser (which heats it back up), and blown out of the front grille.

At room temperatures below 20 °C, the cooling register can ice or freeze up. A fully automatic defrosting mechanism removes the ice build-up from time to time. Air at 0 °C or below contains very little moisture; it is therefore sensible not to run the unit at that temperature range