SD400 LGR Mobile Dehumidifier
Economical, User Friendly, Super Maneuverability
The SunTec SD400 LGR Dehumidifier is ideal for small scale flood restoration, water damaged carpet drying, storerooms, 20-40ft containers, museums, art galleries, archival areas etc.
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High Performance   Super maneuverability
The well designed Compressor and coil capacity boost a unit's water removal rate.   Large Wheels for maximum mobility,even on stairs.
Hot Gas Defrost system is microprocessor controlled, allowing effective operaton down to 33Fo (1Co) .   Ergonomically designed handel at the top for easy move around.

An automatic pump saves dumping bucks.   Handgrip at the bottom for easy loaded and removed from a van.
User Friendly   Robust Construction
Well designed graphical user interface impletemented into the touch pad control panel for easy operation.   Rotomolded housing for long lasting and low maintenance.
Sliding air intake cover makes life easy for daily air filter maintenance.   Large non marking wheels
Cable and Water Pipe Rewinding System keep cable and water pipe neat and tidy when storage.   Built in Air Outlet Ring for easy connecting the ducting
Facility for a duct hose connected on rear outlet   Low Maintenance
Environmental Friendy   Careful compressor starting extends its life.
R410A CFC free Refrigerant   HAF Filter decreases the maintenance and improves indoor air quanlity.